With his unique talent on the violin he excels in everything from traditional fiddle tunes, classical arrangements, to pure originals! Thomas has three solo records to his name, as well as countless collaboration’s with the likes of Gabe Nieto, Allen Cote & Tomato Junction, Myriam Di Maio, Cullin Lane, Mychael John Thomas of RCA Records Nashville, and many others… Thomas currently plays with some of the top names in Country, Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, and Latin! When he’s not touring or in the studio, Thomas also loves the joys of teaching on a regular basis. He gives private and group classes structuring the lesson to meet the desire of his students.

Current Quote about Work:
“I really like the way in which the composer Thomas McGregor proposed this “gallery of sounds” up and down, the different “colors” of the music. The way he arranged the rhythm and paused, and the great end sequence as a tree exploding into the sky.”
Myriam di Maio – Film Director/Artistic Design Italy, EU

Accolades & Experience

List of Acclaimed Professional Studies and/or Touring:
Byron Berline – Fiddle Legend
Brian Lewis – Professor of Violin, UT Austin
Alice Joy Lewis – Director of Music a The Carnegie Center
Hot Strings – Nationally Acclaimed Bluegrass Group
Leland Jones – Country Legend
David Frizzell – Country Icon
Gabe Nieto – A Current Signed Country/Latin Artist
Rick Trevino – Warner Bros. Records Nashville/Country Artist
Ruben Ramos – Latin Legend
The Sieker Band – Acclaimed German Bluegrass Group
Little Joe ya La Familia – Tejano Icon
Micheal John Thomas – Nashville Production/RCA Records
Boubacar Diébaté – Afro-beat/Reggae Artist/Senegal, Africa/A*M*M*O Music Company(Records).

Certificate of Expertise: The O’Connor Violin Method The O’Connor Violin Method employs classic violin technique and theory to teach students to become skilled violinists. But more than that, the O’Connor Violin Method uses familiar traditional American music to engage and motivate the young artists. The method seeks to instill a deep appreciation of America’s musical history with background stories of all those that contributed to this rich heritage: Immigrants, African-American slaves, soldiers – all of whom together created what has become the new American Classical Music.

  • Member: The Redeemer Lutheran Chamber Orchestra – Austin, TX
  • Member: The Los Texas Wrangles – Austin, TX
  • Member: Fuze It World Wide Fashion – Hollywood, CA
  • Member: Deep South Productions – Manchaca, TX
  • Member: Jackson C Bookings – Wichita, TX
  • Member: Arasta Management – Austin, TX
  • Founder: The O’Connor String Program – Austin, TX
  • Founder: The Moonlight Society Jazz Trio – Austin, TX
  • Founder: “Thinking in Color” Lecture Series – World Wide
  • Founder: Tiger Media – Austin, TX

City Affiliates:

  • Nashville, TN
  • Austin, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Kansas City, KS & MO
  • Lawrence, KS
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Houston, TX

Label Affiliates:
Dualtone Records – International
ThomasTone Records – Nashville, TN
Countri-Achi Records – Austin, TX
Lansing Music Productions – Los Angeles, CA
TouchZone Records International
Static in The Attic – Ottawa, KS
6th Street Studios – Austin, TX
TudorHouse Productions – Ottawa, KS

Personal Affiliates:

The Phantoms of The Opry – Band/Country Swing/Ottawa,KS
Tiger Media – Production/Recording/Licensing
Paul & Thomas – Duo Project/Alt.Folk/Ottawa, KS
Solo – Solo Touring/Classical,Jazz,Folk/National
Static in The Attic Productions – Label/Recording/Ottawa, KS
Commission: Strings Arrangement and Composition – First Christian Church/Strings,Spiritual,Classical/Ottawa, KS

* Film and Soundtrack Video Credits:
“If You…” – A Compilation Film – 2010 Italy
“Textures of Light” – A Compilation Film – 2010 Italy
“Cowboy Up!” – Music Video – 2009 USA
“The Wake” – Feature Short – Soundtrack – 2010 National Release(sept) – Soundtrack – USA

*Acting and Theater Credits:

The Living Last Supper – Ran, March 2010 USA
In the Shadow of the Cross – Ran, April 2010 USA

The Undead Born – Film


The Wake

“Family members are brought together through the death of an estranged uncle. As the group cleans the dead uncle’s old house, they begin finding things that don’t belong. What they discover leads the group to assume the worst of their recently deceased uncle.”

Produced By: Elliot and Teresa Sutherland and Kyle and Kimberly DeRoads

Recordings Credits:

“Red, White, and Bluegrass” – 2006

“Rosewood” – 2008

“Reprise” – 2009

“The Phantoms of the Opry” – 2010

“Adios, Goodbye” – 2011

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