5 Tools Everyone In The Music Industry Should Know How to Use


I am surprised by the lack of understanding by music industry professionals of basic tools and manners that should be apart of any professional musician. For some reason these simplistic ideas have escaped the industry landscape, and I aim to correct that. Please take notes and take action. Correcting these issues can save your local music industry.


1. Recording Software

Let’s face it; it doesn’t matter whether you are a studio engineer or not, you should have a basic understanding of how the top three digital recording programs operate. This would include the following: 1. How to record 2. How to perform basic editing 3. Knowing what effects are available. As a musician, this will ease the work-flow when you are in the studio. If you’re wondering, the top three recording software as of 2014 are listed below(each are linked to tutorials):

1. Reaper

2. Cubase

3. Protools


2. Video Software 

Audio and video are integrated in the modern music industry, and having a basic knowledge of how to integrate the two will give you an advantage when you plan a production. Also, knowing this knowledge will enable you to communicate what you want when producing products, commercials or music videos.

The top three video editing software:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

2. Final Cut Pro X

3. Sony Vegas Pro 11


3. Know Your Set Up – In All Scenarios 

No matter if you are a musician, videographer, producer or band; you must know what it takes for you to be successful in every scenario. This means you must know what it takes for you to be successful in the studio, live performance, touring, or radio show. If you are music group with three vocalists, two guitar players, keys, drums and bass; know how many  microphones you’ll need for a live in-studio interview. Then, make sure that the radio station is informed in advance. This will smooth out the experience for everyone involved. Also, this will show that you are on top of your craft with a sense of organization.

4. Get Hip on Your Industry Publications 

I can’t stress this enough; get your mind on the heartbeat of your field. If you play guitar, read everything guitar. If you produce albums, read everything recording. By doing this, you will be able to catch onto trends, new ideas and industry leaders. Eventually, you will want to contribute or become featured in these publications. The benefit to this tool is in gaining an overview of your industry. The overview will allow you to make decisions based on what is happening in your industry as a whole versus on an individual level. Read every blog, magazine, journal and blog, in order to educate yourself on your industry. This is different than educating yourself on your craft. Your industry is simply what others are doing collectively to further the vision of the art form. By reading theses publications you can follow and create trends, progressing the craft you love.

5. Social Media – Maketing Properly 

Social media is such an underused tool amongst music industry individuals. Sites like Soundcloud and Reverbnation are perfect, FREE, tools for musicians. Sites like Audio Jungle and Audiosocket are great tools for producers. All of these sites offer online services that help industry professionals to get the word out about their creations. Even though a lot of professionals use these services, many don’t know HOW to use them to their maximum benefit. The key to maximum use of these sites is simple. For maximum use you must talk about what you are doing ALL THE TIME! Constantly promote yourself, but in a way that INFORMS people instead of attempting to SELL people. When you inform people you are telling a story and people love being apart of stories. Furthermore, when you inform people (teach them) about what you are doing you allow them to know about you without any pressure for them to buy anything. In other words, you are marketing to them in a way that simply tells them about what you are doing and GIVES them something without asking for money. Eventually, they will come around and buy from you. Even if they don’t, you have created a fan for life. Fans talk to people, and those people will buy.


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