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August 16, 2012 by Thomas McGregor


Today, I wanted to introduce everyone to my INFLUX workouts. This workout will be a total body workout.

INFLUX Workout Defined:
An INFLUX workout consists of 8 exercises preformed in circuit form. The exercises are alternating in speed and type.
Below is an example:
Exercise 1 – Fast – Cardiovascular
Exercise 2 – Slow – Muscle Building
Continue in this fashion…
Each exercise is preformed for a total of 3 minutes and 30 seconds for a total of 26 minute after preforming 8 exercises.

Fast: As fast as your physically can to ensure maximum exertion.
Slow: As slow as you physically can to ensure maximum exertion.

Today’s Workout: Total Body
(Each exercise is 3:30, a kitchen timer or stopwatch is suggested.)

1) Jumping Jacks – Fast – 3:30
2) Push-Ups – Slow – 3:30
3) Knee Highs – Fast – 3:30
4) Squats – Slow – 3:30
5) Air Pushes – Fast – 3:30
6) Dips – Slow – 3:30
7) Running in Place – Fast- 3:30
8) Heel Raises – Slow – 3:30


-Thomas McGregor, Certified Personal Trainer

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