TM Wellness Co.

Wellness is just that, a state of being when you are well. My duty is to coach you to this state.” 

I have a great knowledge base in the nutritional industry. What
to take and what not to take is very important. Furthermore, its very important
to know the combinations to take…
Most of the time the answers you seek are simpler than you may think.

I have experience in both Personal Training, Martial Arts and Yoga. I take a philosophical approach to training the human body. For it takes a combination of both mental and physical strength to achieve great things. We would take things in steps, learning and decoding your body complex in order to best train your body to build muscle, eliminate fat, and stay healthy for the rest of your life! I am very thorough and detailed in my approach. For my organization skills and knowledge will keep you safe, interested, and pushing yourself to greatness!

Now currently filling times during the week in the mornings and evenings, as well as weekends! Thank you for your time and consideration – as I hope to hear that you want to take the next step in creating the NEW YOU!

Best Regards,

Thomas McGregor



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