Interactive Masterclass

master class is a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline—usually music, but also painting, drama, or any of the arts. -Wikipedia.com

Greetings Friends! I am very excited to now offer the Interactive Masterclass for all ages, levels, and musical tastes.

What is the Interactive Masterclass? I have made a commitment to my fans, students, and fellow music enthusiasts to post at least one new song each week. Currently I am adding an average of three a week. Here is the challenge… The challenge for me is to not repeat, reference, or stay in the same style each time I post a new song for you to learn, based on recent knowledge for demand of my music. This is very exciting for me because I know on the other end of the computer there is someone who hopefully won’t get bored with the music I want to share with the them! Enjoy, and Thank you for your on-going support!

The Philosophy

The philosophy behind these 2 hour lessons is to enhance the ear of the student, as well as keeping music alive and fun in the every changing chance of experiencing a new musical sound. Each lesson is geared for all ages and skill levels. In each lesson the student will experience and explore the art of how the song was conceived, the song’s intention, and expansion on the song. Exploring each song and its variations.

Each Masterclass Package comes complete with: a one or two hour audio MP3 lesson & PDF outline of the lesson(video lessons are available on request). Below you will find a list of songs with and a corresponding link to the clip associated with that song.

How it works
in 4 easy steps…

Step(1): You pick the song(s) you wish to learn.

Step(2): Clink on the link associated with the song.

Step(3): After listening to the clip of the song and deciding that you want to learn it. You email me me regarding that song. Listing you method of payment.

Step(4): After your method of payment is excepted, you receive your Masterclass package via secret code to the online database complete with a lifelong downloading access to that lesson.

Scroll to the bottom of the pages for prices and discounts.


Click on each title in order to download a sample of the song.

The Interactive Masterclass Catalog

Style____Title____Key___Date Loaded___Composer

Irish(Fiddle)__King George’s Reel__E Minor__Aug. 16th 2011__ T. McGregor

King George’s Reel

Classical__St. John’s Healing__G Major___Aug. 16th 2011__T. McGregor

St. John’s Healing

Atonal____Upside No. 1____No Key____Aug. 16th 2011____T. McGregor

Upside No 1.

Texas Swing__Piwonka__G Major__August 27th 2011__T. McGregor


Medieval__Plutach Of Athens__August 29th 2011__T.McGregor

Plutach Of Athens

African__Ode to Oy-Oy__September 10th 2011__T.McGregor

Ode to Oy-Oy


Payment Methods Excepted


Check, by mail

Money Order, by mail

Direct Deposit

Prices: 1 hour masterclass+PDF Outline, $25.00. 2 hour masterclass+PDF Outline, $35.00

Home Schooled: 10% Off all Classes

Active Military: 20% Off all Classes

Veteran Military: 40% Off all Classes


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