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June 14, 2012 by Thomas McGregor


I wanted to give you some tools to start out a great upper body workout circuit. The below circuit includes work on the chest, arms, and shoulders. You also find that the weight is low and the repetitions hight, this is to cultivate toning of the muscle not bulking. In this regard, this workout is good for martial artists, physique models, athletes, and every day health enthusiasts. Exercise well and be well my friends! – TM

•Bench Press- 4 sets of 15 at 40lbs.

•Curls- 4 sets of 15 at 35-40lbs.

•Shoulder Pulls- 6 sets of 12 at 30-40lbs.

•Tricep Curls- 5 sets of 12 at 25-35lbs.

Plus 10 minutes of cardiovascular work on a treadmill (or walking/running outside), crosstrainer, bicycle, or swimming before and after the above workout.

To Your Health!

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